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To achieve a successful Website today is important to have a great design and programming, and of course to reach the largest amount of people that’s possible.
In Sagitauro, Inc. we can translate your Website into Spanish so you can access both markets in their own language.
Spanish is today one of the most spoken languages in the world, and the most spoken foreign language in the United States. In Sagitauro, Inc. we master both languages to make your Website look professional to both markets.
The Hispanic market in the United States is growing incredibly, and you realize the business possibilities you can get if you have a bi-lingual Website available for the Hispanic public.
We can translate your website in different ways:

  • We translate your texts so you can give them to your Webmaster
  • Beginning from the files of your Website, we make an exact translated copy of it.

All our translations are made without the use of translating software to achieve an accurate translation of your ideas.


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